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Who is Baby Mahdi?

Baby Mahdi was born on 29th November 2020 in Babylon, Iraq. He is an only child and was born with a rare genetic condition called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which causes muscle wastage and weakness. Unfortunately, children with the type of SMA that Mahdi has, do not usually live beyond the age of two (as their muscle weakness eventually affects the important muscles needed for breathing).

Baby Mahdi needed one injection costing a staggering $2 million that would save his life. His family had explored every avenue and had begun to lose hope.

In July 2021, Baby Mahdi was connected with The Zahra Foundation and their global partners in an effort to save his life.

The Zahra Foundation donors got involved as hundreds of you answered the call of Mahdi’s parents.

Alhamdullilah, by the grace of Allah (swt) and with your support, the funds for Baby Mahdi’s treatment were raised in October 2021! Baby Mahdi was able to receive his treatment and is now recpvering.

Thank you to all those who donated, shared and prayed for Baby Mahdi.

You have saved his life.

“And whosoever saves the life of one, it is as though he saved the life of mankind altogether.” [5:32]

There are still many children out there like Mahdi who need your support so please give to support vulnerable children and orphans today!

Visit our page on Orphans, Widows & Vulnerable Children to learn more about how you can support.