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This Arbaeen, the Nudba Group of Toronto is leading an initiative to help raise funds for those in need in Iraq. This initiative will focus on providing food aid to those in need as well as economic support. More information regarding these initiatives can be found below. The wonderful individuals at the Nudba Group of Toronto and our team at The Zahra Foundation appreciate your support and we look forward to helping those in need together!

Food Aid

The Food Aid program at The Zahra Foundation works to relieve the hunger of those in need with quality food. We support thousands of individuals with food aid across the globe. In commemoration of Arbaeen, our team at the Zahra Foundation with the Nudba Group of Toronto will be focusing on providing food aid in Iraq. This food aid comes in multiple forms:

  1. One Month Food Pack – These packages contain nourishing food to sustain a family of around six members for up to one month. We source staple items of the local diet of families and distribute them to ease the burden of parents struggling to feed their households.
  2. Hot Meals – We provide hot, nourishing meals to individuals and communities in need.

Economic Development

Iraq is deeply caught in an economic crisis. It is suffering the severe economic effects of COVID-19 disproportionately and requires more comprehensive financing assistance and economic development in the wake of the pandemic. Economic diversification is urgently needed in order to create employment opportunities for the mostly young Iraqis, who are now flooding the labour market.

At The Zahra Foundation we work on a community level to support those in need. This means that funds are used to provide financial assistance and economic relief wherever and whenever possible.